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I am so excited you are here to learn more about our studio

My Name is Ashley Wilson

Since 2019...

As a busy mom (of three) and former early elementary teacher, I have a passion for play-based learning, sensory play, process art, and creating new opportunities for hands-on learning!

In 2019 I opened my first process art studio named Little Makers & Bakers. After serving hundreds of happy families in my home studio, we had to abruptly close due to Covid-19 in March of 2020. In 2021 I founded The Creative Learning Co., a product based education business creating waterproof sensory tables and Creative Learning Boards.

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... to today!

I am thrilled to reopen the studio and return to teaching! Our studio is as much about art-making and sensory play as it is community building and friendship.

Our growing art community is filled with like-minded parents who see the tremendous value in allowing their children to create without restriction, enjoy the process of art-making and explore at their own pace.

I look forward to meeting you and your little ones in our studio soon!

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The best ideas... are in the process.

We invite you to experience a unique art studio for children.