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Based on 9 reviews
We look forward to this class all week

If we could do this class 5x a week we would. My daughter started here when she was 12mo. She absolutely loves it and we look forward to it every week. Can't recommend this class more. Sensory learning is so important for childhood development and it's so much fun! Ashley and Janessa put so much love and thought into each week's theme and stations.

Magical Learning Experience!

I want to begin with how much I love this space, and every thoughtful detail Ashley has put into it, but it feels right to begin with how much our daughters (5 and 2) LOVE going to “art class.” Our 2 year old wakes up on art class mornings, gets herself dressed and asks us all morning if “art class is open now?” She loves exploring the variety of materials and play spaces (a lot in which changes weekly!) at her own pace. The entire class is child led, so she just loves PLAYING, of course, not even realizing what a rich experience it is for her. Ashley’s studio touches on nearly all areas and styles of learning~ gross motor, fine motor, dramatic play, multiple sensory experiences, art, steam, you name it! I cannot recommend The Creative Learning Studio more for classes or birthday parties! Ashley makes a point to connect with each student, each class, which doesn’t go unnoticed and is so appreciated. The materials, experiences, and themes are all so thoughtfully designed. We are so thankful for the beautiful learning and playing space and community Ashley has created. We love everything about it!

The Creative Learning Studio
The most magical place for kids

There is no place like the Creative Learning Studio, it’s one of a kind with the most amazing people working hard to make this a unique experience every time for kids. We have done 5 semesters thus far and my now 27 month old is in love with it. We call it his “little school” and he genuinely LOVES it. He asks about it every day and when we tell him it’s time to go to “school” aka the Creative Learning Studio, he rushes to the car and gets into his car seat himself. I think as a parent we all know how rare and special that is for a toddler to willingly go in the car seat without a struggle!
Every week is a new week with new activities, giving my toddler a brand new experience every time, giving him new creative outlets, new opportunities to practice his fine motor skills, new opportunities to problem solve.
Additionally it’s a great environment that allows for independent play as well as collaborative play. We feel like the Creative Learning Studio really helped our child come out of his shell and now he is eager to play with the other children. It’s also a great place for parents to connect with each other and build friendships.
I can go on and on about this place, but in sum, this place is magical and one of a kind and I guarantee that your children will love it and thrive ❤️


As the grandparent of an 21 month old only child, I was looking for a small way to introduce a safe and fun group environment to my granddaughter. This was perfect! She started in the toddler sensory playgroup as a little one who couldn't make eye contact with Ashley or her assistant - reluctant to touch or try anything new - three months later she was waving and blowing kisses while trying new and exciting projects with confidence. Highly recommend.

So fun and educational!

My 3 year old loves these classes and looks forward to it every single week! There is always so much to do and new activities every class! The community of other parents and kids is also wonderful - very grateful to have found this studio!


My kids are both OBSESSED with this class!! The teachers are so sweet, and the set up is absolutely genius!! We couldn’t be happier here!

Incredible sensory experience

Best sensory activities and hands on experience for toddlers . We never missed a class . We have been
coming to the studio since my daughter was 18
Months old . Ashley is a very kind and creative person and we feel home coming to her studio . We look forward to the classes every single week ❤️ every week is a new theme and amazing creative ideas . We love it .

Amazing for both our girls!

We've been coming to this studio for several years and love it! Since they opened up we haven't missed a class yet. Ms. Ashley has the most creative art stations and themes, we love coming every week!

The Creative Learning Studio